• Life to Life

    Life to Life

    I choose the title, “Life to Life,” for two reasons. The first is because I have been captivated by what the Bible says about heaven. The second reason is…

  • Lion of Judah

    Lion of Judah

    This piece was created when asked to create a work to raise scholarship money for the Belmont University Art Department.

  • Heavenly Soldier

    Heavenly Soldier

    This piece was done just sitting in my studio/bedroom one morning with an urge to create. I also had just got back from Florence, Italy where I had studied art for 5 weeks.

  • Study of Illumination

    Study of Illumination

    Study of Illumination is two things; first, it is quite literally a study of light and illuminated objects; but, second, as I worked…

  • Portrait of young Girl

    Portrait of young Girl

    Was honored to make a portrait for a family in Texas of their daughter. Thanks Drumsta Family!

  • Ian & Gabriella

    Ian & Gabriella

    Was honored to be commissioned by the Baldassarri Family to paint Ian and Gabriella. It is the biggest portrait I’ve done to date. Was thankful to create something meaningful for the family and for family friends.