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Kyle grew up in a military family moving frequently across the US. His family eventually settled in Bay County, Florida. Growing up, he spent the majority of his years on the beautiful gulf coast. At an early age he showed great interest in art and music, beginning piano at age 7. He began college level art courses at age 16.  A 2010 graduate from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee; he received his BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting. While at Belmont, he also received a minor in classical piano. He has also been a professional Hammered Dulcimer musician; placing 3rd in the National competition in Winfield, KS. He was privileged to study art abroad in Florence, Italy.  He toured Japan on his own to study Nihonga; traditional Japanese painting. After college, he stayed in Nashville. He apprenticed with renowned sculptor and painter Anton Weiss; a professional artist for over 55 years.  As a part of Springhouse Gallery of Smyrna, TN for two years, he receive awards such as the “Visionary Award”, the “Best of Show”, and the“People’s Choice”.  During his time in Nashville, he also worked as a concept artist for Rabbit Hole Creative; an animation and media studio. There he worked with clients such as Hyundai, Telemundo, and electronic musician, Bassnectar. Kyle lived in Nashville for seven years. However, he always felt a great connection to the Florida panhandle; a place he considers home. Through a series of music opportunities, he started the journey to relocate to this area. He began as an artist assistant; working closely with Justin Gaffrey. Now, he is full-time in his own art and music career as Kyle Paxton Studio. He has now been living and working in the area for four years.

Kyle’s work is a blend of styles. It derives from his appreciation of traditional disciplines and techniques; such as proportion, perspective, and oil glazing; while also adding more contemporary aesthetics of an impressionistic use of color, observation of light, and non-objective concepts of composition. It has both a strong sense of form and order, yet spontaneity and freedom. He accredits this to his understanding of music and improvisation.

To achieve the highest quality work, Kyle uses natural mediums from a small manufacturer in Minnesota. They provide natural oils from walnut, flax-seed, lavender, rosemary, and resin from fir trees. For all Kyle’s premium works, he uses 7 years of experience as a fine art carpenter to build his own panels, canvases, and frames from scratch; only using premium woods.

Kyle is not only concerned with technical excellence, but in connecting and benefitting others with his work. He is known for connecting faith and art, exemplified in his exhibit “Life to Life.” This is an exhibit connecting scripture of Heaven with a personal expression of imagination with realistic and abstract forms. Kyle creates his work not simply for beauty on the canvas, but for the beauty of each other; to benefit the souls of all who see his work.


Kyle is known for his portraiture. He is currently working on the exhibit, “FACES of SANTA ROSA.” It’s an exhibit featuring more than 20 portraits; sharing the stories of the day-to-day people of Santa Rosa Beach/South Walton. The work will range from sizes of 1 x 2 Ft to as big as 8 x 6 ft. He desires to capture the people who make Santa Rosa Beach what it is today; as a unique place to live, work, and visit. This is part of his mission for culture care; to leave a deposit of work to benefit his community and even those beyond. He desires this show to be one of the most significant exhibits for his local community. It will be his biggest show to date.