Amazing Grace (Dulcimer) at the MacLean’s

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” ~Psalm 147:3

This video of Amazing Grace and the one in the later post called “Dancing in Heaven with Jesus,” are from a very special moment at Scott and Marcia MacLean’s house. So let me give you some background.

This was done on the day of Drew MacLean’s celebration of life service which was on a Friday. Drew had gone to Heaven the Monday before. Afterward the service, the MacLeans were having friends and family over. My family was not able to come until later, probably around 9 or 10 pm. Anyways, we had some peaches that my mom picked up at Peach Park in Georgia (a stop we must always take traveling between TN and FL). So, my mom told Xan just to go knock on the door and present the gift and just see what’s going on. We didn’t want to invite ourselves in if they were ready for bed. Anyway, Xan did as was told, and Marcia opened the door. Immediately she looked and saw us in the car. With a peculiar look, she motioned to us to come inside the house. Her face read, “What are you doing in the car? Come on in!” So, we did. Well, I had my dulcimer with me and brought it in. Immediately, a sweet lady, Marcia’s mother, came to me with bright eyes and asked, “you play the dulcimer?” I smiled back and said that I did. She told me that she plays the Mountain Dulcimer (which is basically a four string dulcimer that you strum rather than hammer). We had a good conversation and I enjoyed sharing the dulcimer music enthusiasm. I realized that most of the MacLean’s friends had already left and who remained was the extended family. It wasn’t long after we got there that they asked me to play something on the hammered dulcimer. So, I grabbed it and the videos tell the rest.

Afterwards, Marcia and Scott sent an e-mail telling how much it was a blessing and a God send. I was very humbled and honored to play. I am humbled because we almost didn’t bring the dulcimer. Mom and I were on our way down the road and as we were leaving Mom asked if we should bring the Dulcimer. I was already feeling that but didn’t say anything, so by the time she said something, it was an immediate, “YES!” I was humbled because it could have so easily not have happened. And, I was honored to have played and be a blessing to one of the strongest families I know. They have given God praise and been examples of His testimony through it all. They truly are stars and been a blessing to countless others. Also, this is for Allison MacLean, Drew’s bride, their child, Ruby Lynn, and the Husfelt Family-Bill, Teresa, Anna and Stephanie (Drew’s in-laws). They too are the wonderful things above.